SMOKING GUN: Tucker Goes Public with ‘Never-Before-Seen’ FBI Texts, Reveals What We All Suspected

Every American should be concerned about the FBI agents involved in the Hillary email investigation and the Trump Russia investigation allegedly harboring some deep animosity toward Trump.  Law enforcement officials at the highest levels of government are expected to do their job without bias. FBI investigations aren’t supposed to be political.  Sadly, it appears the days of objectivity at the FBI and Justice Department are over.

Check out the smoking gun text that was just revealed proving the fix was in.

From Fox News:

FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were concerned about being too tough on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the bureau’s investigation into her email practices because she might hold it against them as president, text messages released on Thursday indicated.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley released new messages between bureau officials Page and Strzok, who were having an affair and exchanged more than 50,000 texts with each other during the election.

“One more thing: she might be our next president,” Page texted Strzok on Feb. 25, 2016, in the midst of the presidential campaign, in reference to Clinton.

“The last thing you need [is] going in there loaded for bear,” she continued. “You think she’s going to remember or care that it was more [DOJ] than [FBI]?”

Strzok replied that he “agreed” and he had relayed their discussion with someone named “Bill.”

That right there is evidence of FBI officials worrying more about politics than the investigation they were a part of. That’s wrong. It’s not a partisan issue. Democrats and Republicans should both be outraged. However, only Republicans seem to be sounding the alarm over this egregious abuse of power.

Trey Gowdy is one of those Republicans and he went on Tucker’s show Thursday night to explain why this is such a big deal.

From The Daily Caller:

Speaking to Tucker, Gowdy said, “This, I think is the unvarnished truth of how they viewed both her, him and the investigation and how they wanted it to turn out. Keep in mind, Tucker, all of this is done before she was ever interviewed. So the fix was in. Unfortunately, before they even interviewed the target of the investigation.”

The Daily Caller co-founder asked, “What does it tell you about what they thought of Hillary Clinton? They believed, if she became president she would punish our chief law enforcement agency for investigating her. What does that say about their view of her? Or their understanding of her?”

Gowdy responded, “It’s either that, or I think another reasonable construction is she’d award the DOJ, thinking it was more DOJ lawyers that concluded she should not be charged as opposed to the FBI. And that’s actually how I read it–that she would give more credit to the Department of Justice–you know, keep in mind, reading these texts, it doesn’t appear that anyone wanted her charged, before they even know what she was going to say. I read that to be, they were concerned the DOJ would get the credit for taking care of her more than the bureau would.”

Here’s the clip.

Gowdy is exactly right.

We deserve answers on this and if the government isn’t held accountable here then they will have a very difficult time ever gaining back the confidence of the American people.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]


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