Bill That Conservatives Have Been Demanding For Years Suffers Crushing Blow In Senate

We recently told you about a bill in the Senate that would have outlawed abortions after 20 weeks. Most reasonable people out there can agree that 20 weeks is enough time to determine whether or not to get an abortion and there’s no doubt that babies are able to feel pain at that point. In fact, a babies heart starts beating around 6 weeks. It’s impossible to make the argument that a human life isn’t being snuffed out when an abortion is performed at the 20-week mark.

However, when it came time to vote on that bill on Monday, those who believe in the sanctity of life fell short.

From CBS News:

The Senate on Monday rejected legislation designed to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a vote that put vulnerable Democrats on the record on the issue during an election year.

The vote was 51-46, short of the 60-vote threshold to advance the bill. Three Democratic-senators up for re-election in conservative states voted to advance the legislation: Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Republicans Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska voted with most Democrats to reject it.

The GOP is defending a 51-49 Senate majority in the midterm elections this fall. The House passed identical legislation in October and President Trump called for its approval by Congress.

Why do Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins insist on calling themselves Republicans? It’s really getting old.  Just move to the other side of the aisle already.

Trump wasn’t happy about the vote.

From Fox News:

“It is disappointing that despite support from a bipartisan majority of U.S. Senators, this bill was blocked from further consideration,” Trump said in a statement. “Scientific studies have demonstrated that babies in the womb feel pain at twenty weeks … We must defend those who cannot defend themselves.”

Trump added that the vote “rejects scientific fact and puts the United States out of the mainstream in the family of nations, in which only 7 out of 198 nations, including China and North Korea, allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.”


VP Pence chimed in as well.

Republicans will have to settle for the fact that they are on the right side of history in this debate.

The 20-week mark is a fair compromise. Abortion will never be outlawed in this country and the liberal position that there should be no restrictions on any abortion is despicable. This would be a reasonable compromise. But, the liberal left doesn’t want to compromise because the Democrat Party has been taken over by abortion radicals.

According to the polls, the majority of Americans believe in sensible restrictions. Also, the majority of women feel that way.

From Real Clear Politics:

If politicians really want to show that they trust American women, then they should follow the advice of the overwhelming majority of us and restrict abortion in meaningful ways.

This means supporting the president’s action to ban funding of abortion internationally, which is supported by 83 percent of women, and same percentage of all Americans.

This means limiting abortion substantially through legislation. Nationwide, 77 percent of women support limiting abortion to – at most – the first trimester. That is slightly higher than the percentage of all Americans – 74 percent. Laws restricting abortion should be embraced, not resisted.

And 61 percent of women think it is important, or an immediate priority, for our government to restrict abortion in this way, a slightly higher percentage than the 59 percent of all Americans who hold this position.

Republicans lost this battle. But, the war rages on.

H/T Twitchy

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]



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