Gowdy Goes Public After FL Shooting, Destroys Democrats’ Storyline with 1 Perfect Challenge

After every mass shooting, Democrats like clockwork call for more gun control. But they never explain exactly what it is they think is going to actually stop the shootings from happening. Just more laws whether they actually do anything or not, whether they would have any effect or not. They frequently also have absolutely no idea what they are talking about when they say it as well, often asking for laws that already exist, such as calling AR-15 rifles ‘assault rifles’ and demanding that ‘assault rifles’ to be made illegal. Of course, AR-15s aren’t assault rifles and assault rifles are already illegal except for the extremely rare case.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), a voice of reason, appeared on Fox News to talk about the school shooting. and he was asked about whether more gun control laws would actually solve the problem.

Gowdy apologized that children had to endure such horrors and he said he would love to pass laws that would actually solve the prevent a future shooting.

But he said that’s the problem, that in the wake of a shooting, people basically immediately start yelling about gun control without knowing what they are saying, without waiting for the facts of the case, knowing the laws, knowing how they are or if they properly being applied already or what would actually resolve the problem.

From Daily Caller:

“I don’t know anyone who would not pass a law today to prevent the next mass shooting, but to Sen. Rubio’s point, you gotta find out how he accessed the gun, we have to find out whether there was a data point in his background where someone could have reported it, whether or not he accessed the gun legally or illegally,” Gowdy explained.

“Usually at about this time, we hear about the gun show loophole, fine, close the gun show loophole, but how many mass killings have resulted from guns purchased at gun shows?” Gowdy said, questioning if proposed gun control laws would even prevent a shooting.

“If you can show me a law that will prevent the next mass killing, go ahead and sign me up for it,” he concluded.

The answer to his gun show point is none that can be found. So how effective is that?

He also pointed out that the government needs to actually prosecute people who obtain guns illegally, something that the Obama Department of Justice failed to do effectively.

“Before we begin to advocate for new laws, I think it is imminently fair to say how are we doing enforcing the ones we currently have?” he said.


Even some of the students who had to face the horrible shooting in Parkland got Gowdy’s point, saying they didn’t see how gun control would have prevented this.

Do Democrats just want laws to be able to say to their base that they’re actually doing something if the laws don’t actually help?

And then nothing is ever really done to address the real underlying issue in the vast majority of the cases which is mental illness and failure to catch the signs, both of which at this point seem to have been problems in this case.

Many people said Nikolas Cruz had mental issues and was a likely threat. He was even reported to the FBI as a ‘potential school shooter.’

But despite all that, he wasn’t stopped.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]


  1. 001 Shootings Talk-Politicos Gun Control Educators Teach Our Children Preachers Love Each Other

    Whenever there is any mass shooting, this follows;
    Polititicos Talk Gun Control
    Educators say we must Teach Our Children
    Preachers say we must learn to Love Each Other, pray for the families and friends
    TV anchors say what a horrible event, what can we do to stop these?
    Some police will be reticent, speaking only of solid evidence, cannot say more for fear of litigation ongoing investigation and cases and respect for rights of all.
    Some will be crowding the cameras and microphones eager for a few moments of fame and hope for a late night talk show spot.

    Al Sharpton will inject himself into the situation
    Gloria Allred will try to inject herself into the situation
    Politicians will try to get face time on TV, as will Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, mayors, governors, Senators, Congressmen, and experts of various stripes,
    extolling the virtues of “US” meaning police, firemen, politicians, first responders, all govt employees.
    Praise for all the above who acted so wonderfully, with bravery, compassion, etc., etc., …risking all to save…

    What is the real answer to all the shootings?
    Isn’t it just grossly logically obvious?
    You need those at the scene at the time to ACT!
    Those off scene cannot do anything yet.
    Throw things at the shooter.
    Shoes, keys, coins, anything immediately at hand.
    Imagine being pummeled by dozens of incoming hard dangerous objects thrown with force.
    Any hit to the shooters eye eye nose or throat will distract him enough for many to flee or fight.
    Fighters- throw a cross body block.
    Clothesline the shooter (elbow across his neck)
    Stomp his instep.
    Clap his ears to shatter his eardrums.
    Pain will slow him down enough to cause delay in his actions.

    Why am I the only one to say this? Isn’t it just grossly logically obvious what is required?
    We need to teach all of this to all our school children.
    There will be a few parents who will disagree, always a few, who want their children to be naive and ignorant sweethearts, BUT action is required.
    Those kids will be the ones who will hide under their desk, cover their eyes ears and heads – and get shot in the back of the head.
    We need kids who are educated, that’s why we send them to school.
    They NEED to KNOW what to do in an active shooter situation.
    Kids CAN and will act appropriately if trained properly.

  2. Even if the FBI had been putting a “watch” on this guy, there is no way they could literally watch him every day. Nothing any law enforcement can do until the law is broken

  3. In this case Nikolas Cruz purchased his weapon legally. I think the question is…why are we selling semi-automatic guns…PERIOD???

  4. Does anyone know the cost of a metal detector? We have them at courts, airports — why not at schools to protect the children? Mental illness does not go away. And, you aren’t taking my guns for a tyrannical government which it will inevitably become. So stop the political garbage and take charge. Get into solutions not problems. Let’s keep our eye on the ball folks. Prayers to all the families 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  5. Thank you, Trey Gowdy, for your common sense words.

    Let’s go over the left’s talking points when they start demanding more gun control laws:
    1) Assault Rifle – this phrase was coined by the Violence Policy Center for the express purpose of confusing the public. Assault is a behavior, not an adjective to describe a firearm. It is also only applied to firearms with a selector switch so the firearm can be set to fire 3 round bursts or fire on full auto. This type of firearm has been legal for only military and police since the 1934 Firearms Safety Act was past. Some individuals citizens do have permits, but that requires extensive background checks, month of time and a lot of money to obtain.
    2) Gun Show Loophole – no such thing. You cannot avoid a federal background check by purchasing a firearm at a gun show. Gun show dealers are the same people with brick and mortar stores and they must conduct the same background checks at the gun show as they do in their regular business. Also, in states with waiting periods before you can take your purchase home, you must still wait the prescribed number of days and make arrangements with the seller to pick the firearm up after the waiting period has ended.
    3) No mass shooting has traced back to a gun show sale – ZERO is the answer to Gowdy’s question.
    4) The Obama administration did NOT enforce laws already on the books and actively interfered in some cases to prevent enforcement. They were also responsible for allowing guns to be sold to drug cartels in Mexico in a supposed “sting” operation and then lost track of the weapons; one of which was used to kill a U. S. Border Patrol Agent.

    The mass shooting problem IS a problem of mental health not being properly managed in the USA. No gun control law will ever make a single person safer.

  6. Where did this young unstable man get this gun? Did he buy it, steal it,or was it a gift !? Pay attention ! I was shopping many years ago with my daughter and grand daughter at a local Walmart and she came up to me , took my hand and said “ that man on the bench is watching me ! “ That’s awareness .


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