RNC Delivers Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ever To Democrats

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day when we get special messages and gifts from our loved ones. And Republicans celebrated it with a brilliant troll of Democrats for mocking and minimizing the tax benefits that Americans would be receiving from the tax reform act.

They sent gifts to Democrats across the country with crumb cakes and break-up letters.

The crumb cakes refer to House Minority Leader Nancy’s Pelosi frequent comments that bonuses and raises that companies have delivered to millions of Americans because of the GOP tax reform were just “crumbs.”

The crumb cakes were delivered by Republican National Committee staffers in Nevada, Florida, Virginia, and Indiana. All of those states are expected to be Senate battleground states this year during the midterm elections.

From: Free Beacon:

In Nevada, two boxes filled with crumb cakes were delivered to the office of Rep. Jacky Rosen (D.), who is running for Senate. The boxes were also filled with letters containing messages such as, “We’re done. It’s not us—it’s you.”

Republicans also delivered crumb cakes were also delivered in Virginia to Sen. Tim Kaine (D.), in Florida to Sen. Bill Nelson (D.), and in Indiana to Sen. Joe Donnelly (D.).

“Since Democrats from all over have compared bonuses and raises from companies across the Commonwealth to crumbs, we’d like to set the record straight,” said John Whitbeck, the Republican Party of Virginia’s chairman. “Hopefully the crumb cake we’re sending him today will help them realize the difference between crumbs and the real, tangible benefits of tax cuts for Virginia workers.”

Donelly’s gift also included a list of all the companies which had given workers raises or bonuses in reaction to the tax cuts.

There was at least one bad sport among the Democrats receiving the gifts. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FLA) refused the gift claiming ethics laws forbad him from accepting it. But the Republicans said because it cost less that $50 it didn’t violate any rules.

Likely it was more that Nelson didn’t like the message accompanying his present.

“The bigger paychecks and bonuses hardworking Floridians are seeing because of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are not ‘crumbs’ as you and your liberal buddies such as Nancy Pelosi assert,” wrote a note attached to the rejected cake. “Please accept this crumb cake made by a Florida company whose employees benefitted from tax cuts to remind you hat real crumbs look like.”

Nice troll, Republicans.

For many of these Democratic lawmakers who have become wealthy in their positions, likely a thousand dollar bonus is ‘crumbs.’ But to most Americans who actually have to live on real wages, $1000 is a significant thing.

For all the people who actually have to pay for school lunches and books, hospital bills, credit cards, mortgage payments, this is real money.

And they’re going to remember who helped them to get it in November.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]



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