Bernie Sanders Goes On TV And Shows Americans Exactly Why They Can’t Trust Dems On Gun Control

17 people, most of them children, were killed in Broward County, Florida last Wednesday and Democrats immediately started doing what they always do when these tragedies occur. They blame the guns. They blame the Republicans. They blame the NRA.

It’s a lazy and boring argument that Democrats use time and time again in order to avoid addressing the real issues that contribute to these horrifying events such as gun free zones. This isn’t about adding more laws. No laws currently being discussed would have stopped these shootings and it certainly doesn’t make sense to blame the NRA who has gone to incredible lengths to promote gun safety and responsible gun ownership for years and years.

Don’t tell that to Bernie Sanders.

The left’s favorite socialist curmudgeon went on television and pointed the finger directly at Republicans.

From The Daily Caller:

“I believed that we should not be selling assault weapons in this country. These weapons are not for hunting. They are for killing human beings. These are military weapons. I do not know why we have 5 million of them running around the United States of America.”

“So, of course, we have to do that. Of course, we have to make it harder for people to be able to purchase weapons. We have people now who are on terrorist watch lists who can purchase a weapon. Does this make any sense to anybody? Bottom line here, Republicans are going to have to say that it’s more important to protect the children of this country than to antagonize the NRA. Are they prepared to do that? I surely hope they are.”

Here’s the clip of Bernie being Bernie.

Not making a lot of sense. Bernie admits there are five million of these guns out there so what is he proposing? The government confiscates those? Also, what is Bernie talking about when he says AR-15s aren’t for hunting? That’s just not true.

It’s very strange how Democrats continue to regurgitate lie after lie when it comes to guns. No one trusts them anymore.

They keep talking about how we should be like Australia. First of all, the confiscated guns in Australia. That’s a move the vast majority of Americans would never support. Second of all, it didn’t even really work in Australia.

From National Review:

Did the Australian model at least reduce gun-related homicides?

That is hotly disputed.

University of Melbourne researchers Wang-Sheng Lee and Sandy Suardi concluded their 2008 report on the matter with the statement, “There is little evidence to suggest that [the Australian mandatory gun-buyback program] had any significant effects on firearm homicides.”

“Although gun buybacks appear to be a logical and sensible policy that helps to placate the public’s fears,” the reported continued, “the evidence so far suggests that in the Australian context, the high expenditure incurred to fund the 1996 gun buyback has not translated into any tangible reductions in terms of firearm deaths.”

If Democrats really want to make a difference they can try to get rid of gun free zones that are clearly very appealing to evil people like Nikolas Cruz.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]



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