Liberal Filmmaker Rob Reiner Comes Unglued Following Florida Shooting, Begs ‘GOP Patriots’ To Act

Rob Reiner comes from a family that knows a thing or two about the entertainment industry. His dad, Carl Reiner, is a Hollywood legend. Rob has some notable accomplishments under his belt as well. However, when it comes to politics, the guy is absolutely off the deep end. He’s not just a liberal. He’s one of those liberals that has completely lost touch with reality.

On Sunday, Reiner went on Twitter and said something no rational person can justify.

From Breitbart:

Rob Reiner escalated his attacks on President Donald Trump on Sunday, taking to social media to demand that GOP “patriots” take a stand to “end” what he called the “sickness” of his presidency.

The 70-year-old LBJ filmmaker — a frequent critic of the president who previously launched a committee to explore possible Russian interference in the 2016 presidential race — blasted Trump in a Twitter post in apparent response to a school shooting in Florida this week that left 17 people dead and 15 others injured.

Liberals are still going with that whole “Trump is mentally ill” thing, huh?

Did they not catch the news story debunking that ridiculous claim?

From USA Today:

A White House doctor pronounced President Trump medically fit to serve as commander-in-chief on Tuesday – and added that he easily passed a voluntary cognitive assessment designed to test his mental reflexes.

“The president’s overall health is excellent,” Dr. Ronny Jackson told reporters during an unusual hour-long briefing at the White House, days after completing the Trump’s first physical examination as president.

That doesn’t sound like mentally ill to me.

What does Reiner want the GOP patriots to do? Pass a meaningless gun control law that won’t do anything to stop shootings like this? Confiscate guns? Repeal the 2nd Amendment? Reiner doesn’t actually have any solutions to the problem. He just hates Trump. It’s that simple.

Reiner made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show recently and it was an absolute trainwreck.


Clearly, Reiner isn’t someone who is living in reality.

The reality of the situation is that gun laws would not have stopped the Florida shooting.

From Fox Business:

“More laws would’ve done nothing to prevent this, especially gun laws,” John Cardillo, a former New York Police Department officer, told FOX Business’ Liz Claman. “We’re misplacing our anger.”

One of the biggest issues, Cardillo said, is the lack of power behind the mental health profession. Because of civil liberties and constitutional rights, a person can only be committed for a 72-hour period for observation; if they prove to not be a threat to the public or themselves, authorities have no choice but to release them.

Social media networks have come under fire for not recognizing or alerting authorities to some of Cruz’s more troubling posts. But Cardillo said the websites are still learning how to monitor communities that have populations larger than New York City.

“They’ve made some great strides. Can they do more? Absolutely,” he said. “But also you have to remember these are very large, large communities. Many times, policing a social network is the equivalent to policing a community with population 100, 200, 300 times New York City. It’s a bear of a task.”

Liberals are wrong about this shooting. As usual.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]



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