BREAKING: Sessions Makes Announcement About FBI Use of Dossier To Get Warrants

The members of the FBI and the DOJ who may have lied or misled the court to get warrants to surveil a member of the Trump campaign may get called to account for their actions after all. Attorney General Jeff Sessions just revealed they are now investigating if people told the truth in their applications. Those applications were signed off on by people including Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former acting Attorney General Sally Yates and former FBI Director James Comey, with representations likely made by others on the case such as FBI official Peter Strzok and others.

From Daily Caller:

“Are you, sir, investigating the fact that the FBI used the dossier to get a wiretap against Trump associates and they did not tell the FISA court that the Democrats and Hillary Clinton paid for the dossier?” Maria Bartiromo, the host of Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” asked Sessions.

“Let me tell you, every FISA warrant based on facts submitted to that court have to be accurate,” he replied.

“That will be investigated and looked at, and we are not going to participate as a Department of Justice in providing anything less than a proper disclosure to the court before they issue a FISA warrant. Other than that, I’m not going to talk about the details of it, but I tell you, we’re not going to let that happen.”

Bartiromo asks if another special counsel is needed to deal with the alleged abuse of power. Sessions said that the IG has been very tough and more will be coming.

The FBI and the DOJ allegedly applied to the FISA court for a warrant to spy on Carter Page. In order to get such a warrant, you have to allege the person being spied on is basically the agent of a foreign power. Otherwise, since he was an American citizen, you wouldn’t be able to get it.

And according to reports, the dossier was a prominent feature of the application and they did not tell the court the information was unverified, that it came from the DNC and Hillary Clinton. They also allegedly told the court there was information from a Yahoo newspaper article that helped to corroborate Steele’s claims in the dossier.

However, the information in that article also came from Steele, thus making it the same source and not an additional source. They didn’t inform the court about that piece of information.

It’s about time.

This is ridiculous and has greatly shaken the confidence in the FBI and the DOJ.

People want to know if their government was misused, whether the FBI was being used to help the Democratic party as it would appear.

Sessions needs to reveal what was said in the applications and if the FBI lied.

And if they did, as has been suggested, heads need to roll.

[Note: This post was written by Nick Arama]



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