After Death of Alfie Evans, James Woods Torches Obamacare For Their Similar Approach

Alfie Evans died at 2:30 local time Saturday morning after surviving off life support and being slowly starved for five days.

He was removed from life support by doctors at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital despite the international legal battle to try to save him that spanned multiple countries and even included granting him Italian citizenship so he could be treated in Italy.

But the hospital refused to let him go despite the parents’ wish to take him to Italy. They refused to let the parents take him home to die. They threw out the priest who the family had at Alfie’s bedside because he had the temerity to tell them that God might be watching what they were doing.

Why? Because if he did, they wouldn’t have charge.

Doctors decided that to continue Alfie’s life was inhumane and a burden on the system. So he should die.

From Conservative Tribune:

And, as James Woods and Newt Gingrich reminded us, this concept of the “death panel” — something we were told existed nowhere in the civilized world — is something that could have come to this country very easily if the full scope of Obamacare had been realized. In fact, if Woods is to be believed, it’s here right now.

Woods was first, tweeting out his own story and a link to a Gingrich op-ed in at Fox News.

“The ObamaCare ‘death panels’ were modeled on this political infrastructure,” Woods wrote. “My cousin’s husband was diagnosed with cancer and advised to accept ‘palliative care.’ He was told government health insurance would not ‘be wasted’ trying to save a man his age.”

Woods cited an op-ed by Newt Gingrich speaking about the horrible system.

“The British government’s decision to allow two critically ill babies to die in two years is a natural reflection of the culture of death and the steady increase in totalitarian tendencies among Western governments,” Gingrich wrote.

“Last year, the British government ordered life support removed from Charlie Gard, ending his life when he was just 11 months old. Now, Alfie Evans — just 23 months old — has received what amounts to the same death sentence. On Monday, he was removed from life support by court order — against the wishes of his parents.”

Gingrich’s piece was written before Evans’ death, but he lamented the “secular system (that) has asserted its right to define what lives are worth living and is determined to prevent its authority from being questioned.

“Alfie Evans’ life — like Charlie Gard’s before him — has been determined to be limited by the standards of the secular state, and therefore without value,” Gingrich wrote.

“These tragic government-imposed death sentences for innocent infants should frighten all of us about increasing secularism in society and the steady shift towards a totalitarian willingness to control our lives — down to and including ending them — on the government’s terms.

“This is a direct assault on the core premise of the Declaration of Independence. We Americans asserted that we ‘are endowed by (our) Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.’ In the American Revolution, in our fight against the British crown, we asserted that rights come from God — not from government.”

But that couldn’t happen here, right? Just because there’s rising socialism all around, among the young and in schools from colleges to elementary schools?

But what did Obamacare’s Jonathan Gruber mean when he spoke of “rationing” and making it more “rational?”

“‘The vast majority of Americans are over treated,’ Gruber told PRI’s ‘Here & Now,’ ‘and a substantial minority is incredibly under treated.’ Both those aspects need to change. Inevitably, according to Gruber, the country needs to move to a situation with ‘patients getting of less of the care they demand, and providers earning less money.’”

And if people like Alfie Evans or Charlie Gard or James Woods’ cousin’s husband get lost in the shuffle, oh well…



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