CNN Writer Says Kanye West Should Be Denied Right To Express Opinions Because of Trump Support

By now, the entire nation knows that rapper Kanye West is a supporter of President Donald Trump. Reasons why should be obvious, considering our enemies fear us once again, unemployment for all races is at an all-time low, and 45 is getting things done.

That doesn’t matter to the left. What matters is that black people support Democrats. Period.

One CNN writer even thinks Kanye should be denied his right to free speech for not following the herd.

From Daily Wire:

A CNN op-ed piece says Kanye West should not be allowed to have a “platform” to express his opinion.

“The time has come to stop amplifying his platform when he continues to misconstrue facts and distract the public from truth,” writes Ernest Owens, editor of Philadelphia magazine’s G Philly and CEO of Ernest Media Empire, LLC.

“Shutting him down is not a matter of censoring opinions; it’s a matter of being responsible in how we elevate or endorse the cult of celebrity in situations that further espouse toxic lies. At this point, any outlet that continues to allow Kanye West a platform to knowingly speak such misinformation is either enabling the former or exploiting his celebrity status for ratings,” Owens said.

Far left singer John Legend urged Kanye to reconsider his support for Trump, so Kanye smacked Legend back to reality – and then posted their direct messages!

From Yahoo:

The friends and collaborators, who are tight enough to go on Waffle House dates with their wives, are now in a public dispute about West’s Donald Trump love during in his wide-ranging Twitter rant on Wednesday. Legend first posted several tweets online reacting to West’s support of the president. (West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, also said she disagreed with her husband.) Apparently, Legend — or “JL” — then reached out privately to West to ask him to reconsider all the “MAGA” talk. West not only wouldn’t back down, but he took their private text exchange and posted it on Twitter today.

The latest high profile name to attack Kanye West is Dr. Phil. Check out his “brilliant” assessment of the situation.

From Breitbart:

TV host Dr. Phil said on Wednesday that Kanye West’s recent comments about slavery being a “choice” have “empowered hate groups” and “white supremacists.”

“It does show a lack of impulse control, it shows what I would refer to as dysregulated thought. He doesn’t have a filter here. The things that he’s saying are irresponsible and ignorant,” Dr. Phil said in an interview with TMZ.

“Either this is attention-getting behavior because he’s got an album coming out or he wants to sell shoes, he’s wanting attention. Or he really has a problem pumping the break here mentally and emotionally,” Dr. Phil continued. “Either way it’s not okay because for whatever reason he does have a big pulpit, he does have a big platform. And so a lot of people are listening. A lot of people are being influenced.”

“And I’ll guarantee you he has empowered white supremacist, he has empowered hate groups with the things he saying here,” Dr. Phil said.

Apparently, it’s not that difficult to earn the “Dr.” next to your name. While he has a Ph.D., “Dr. Phil” doesn’t have a license as a psychologist.

First of all, to pretend that Kanye was actually saying that slaves in America wanted to be slaves is just ridiculous. His overall point was more nuanced and he has already clarified it. It’s a nonstory.

Second of all, accusing Kanye West of emboldening white supremacists is simply race-baiting and fear mongering. That’s it. Dr. Phil doesn’t have anything constructive to say about the overall point Kanye has been trying to make. So, he sits back and accuses him of helping Nazis. That’s the same lazy argument that Democrats have been using against Trump for years now and it’s not working.

Guess what’s happened over the last week in the black community?

From The Daily Caller:

Black male support for President Donald Trump doubled in just one week, according to a Reuters poll on presidential approval.

A poll taken on April 22, 2018 had Trump’s approval rating among black men at 11 percent, while the same poll on April 29, 2018 pegged the approval rating at 22 percent. It should be noted that Reuters only sampled slightly under 200 black males each week and slightly under 3,000 people overall.

Trump experienced a similar jump in approval among black people overall, spiking from 8.9 percent on April 22 to 16.5 percent on April 29.

Sorry, Phil.


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