Students Say ‘No’ To Nobel Prize For Trump, Agree With Obama Getting It, Can’t Explain Why

Campus Reform went to the University of California at Santa Cruz and asked them if they thought President Donald Trump deserved the Nobel Prize.

That question, asked in a bastion of liberalism, got a lot of scoffing from students who said that there was no way that Trump deserved the prize.

From Daily Caller:

Their answers were documented in a video published by Campus Reform on Saturday, which was featured on Saturday morning’s “Fox & Friends.”

When asked whether Trump deserved to be considered for the honor, their answers were 50 shades of “no.”

“Hell no, that’s a joke. What has he done for peace?”
“I feel like he just thinks that he deserves many awards and that’s just stupid.”
“That’s crap.”
“I feel like it’s too good of a prize for him to have credit for.”

However, when they were then asked if Obama deserved it and they all said yes.

Yet not even one could explain why he would deserve it or what he actually won it for. They speculated ‘education’ or perhaps ‘Obamacare’ despite the fact that it hadn’t passed yet when he won it, just nine months into his term in office.

In fact, no one was really sure why he won it at the time.

According to the Nobel Prize organization, Obama’s prize was awarded in part because of his promise to confront climate change head on, citing his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy” and his efforts to ensure that the United States was “playing a more constructive role in meeting the great climatic challenges the world is confronting.”

A ‘promise’ and ‘efforts’ which had no results when he won.

Meanwhile, both sides in the Korean conflict have said the war is over and are talking the specifics of peace. Kim actually came to the South to negotiate and North Korea is dismantling one of its testing sites and promising denuclearization. And three Americans just walked free from captivity.

And South Korea has credited Trump’s tough talk with the movement to this point.

A group of Republicans formally nominated Trump for the Nobel for all his work.

It’s unlikely that he will win despite the success as they tend not to like his politics.

But at least if he does win, everyone will know why, for real achievements.


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