WATCH: Sexuality Expert Says Baby Must Give Consent Before Having Diaper Changed

Sometimes you have to wonder if people on the left are in a competition for who can say the most outlandish and ridiculous thing.

But ‘sexuality expert’ and author Deanna Carson might have just captured the prize. At least for today. Who knows what may come out next.

From Daily Wire:

Deanna Carson appeared on an Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) News segment about “changing consent culture” when she was asked how young some of the children she works with are.

“We work with children from three years old, we work with parents from birth,” she said.

“From birth?” the host reasonably inquired.

Here’s where Carson turned up the insanity dial to 100: “Yeah, just about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes. So, ‘I’m going to change your nappy now, is that ok?'”

That’s right, she just suggested you ask your baby, from the day they are born, if you can change their diaper. Apparently, this “sexuality expert” is not an expert in human cogitation.

Well, as if that weren’t bad enough, it got worse.

But a newborn can’t respond, right? Well, don’t fret, Carson has you covered. “Of course, the baby isn’t going to respond, ‘Yes mum that’s awesome, I’d love to have my nappy changed,'” she explained. “But if you leave a space [she pauses] and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact then you’re letting that child know that their response matters.”

Uh, yeah. Oh, that makes sense.

And if you don’t see what you judge to be a sign of consent, what do you do?

And what if the baby screams his head off? Do you not change his diaper because you think he doesn’t want it changed?

A baby doesn’t know to give consent. He just knows whether he’s wet and uncomfortable. And you’re supposed to be the adult in charge, not him.

After getting mocked, and understandably so, Carson felt the need to defend her position.

She said some had chosen to ridicule her and the “notion of giving infants bodily autonomy.”

So for them, she posted this:

“One in three girls, one in seven boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they are eighteen years old. One in twelve girls will be sexually abused before their sixth birthday,” she continued, adding, “Troll me all you want, add to your blog inches, but remember that when you do, you are negating the voices of these brave survivors of sexual abuse.”

And none of that has anything to do with taking care of a baby’s dirty diaper.

Try to come back to reality.


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