Jimmy Kimmel Says Americans Are Tired of Trump Bashing

Pigs may be flying. Hell may be freezing over. What other expressions apply to things you never thought would happen?

From Daily Wire:

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel told Deadline magazine that when he performs his annual “roast” of Disney executives this week, there won’t be many jabs at President Donald Trump because people appear to have had enough.

Asked if he had a “barrelful of barbs” aimed at the president ready to be unleashed during the annual “cable news upfront” event — a friendly gathering of the major networks’ “executives, media, producers, and advertisers” set to take place later this week — Kimmel said he’d be pulling back on the anti-Trump rhetoric, even though that’s become a signature of his late-night monologues.

He continued:

From Breitbart:

“So, I don’t know, I don’t know how much focus there will be on that. I think people have had an ass-full of Donald Trump, and I feel like the upfront is a time to look within and make fun of ourselves,” Kimmel said of his comedy routine for the annual event that sees major advertisers gather to purchase airtime on networks, like ABC, ahead of the summer and fall TV seasons.

While he said it probably wouldn’t be Trump-free, he said that wouldn’t be the focus, and that there were a lot of other things to be funny about.

Since Trump was elected president, Kimmel has spent much of his comedic airtime attacking Trump, his family, and members of his administration. Prominent examples include describing Trump as “mentally ill” and mocking his wife Melania Trump’s Slovenian accent.

Now that doesn’t mean that he’s come to love Donald Trump.

He may realize that it’s just getting tired to be constantly fixated on it.

Or it may be that he thinks that it’s not necessary, especially before a friendly audience, that he doesn’t feel that he has to preach.

The show isn’t going to be televised live by networks so perhaps that enters into his decision.

And perhaps he’s getting this has been hurting him commercially, as he admits.

But it’s certainly a change from his intense anti-Trump rhetoric.


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