FBI Source Who Spied On Trump Campaign OUTED By Media

Media has now basically outed the top-secret CIA and FBI source who spied on Trump campaign advisers.

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The New York Times and The Washington Post provided a detailed description of the source in articles published Friday night, but did not identify him by name, citing concerns about his physical safety.

But the reports match up exactly with a Cambridge University professor first described in a Daily Caller News Foundation report from March. That professor, Stefan Halper, contacted Trump advisers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis during the 2016 campaign.

President Donald Trump commented Friday on the existence of an informant, who he asserted was “implanted” on the campaign “for political purposes.”

“Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a ‘hot’ Fake News story. If true — all time biggest political scandal!”

Democrats and liberals tried to claim Congressional Republicans wanted to out the source by inquiring for information about why the FBI had him spying on the Trump campaign.

But they’ve had the name for awhile and didn’t out him. It was the DOJ and FBI who leaked to the media who then basically outed who he was.

The question, of course, is why they were spying on the Trump campaign while all the while denying that they were doing so before Congress.

It remains unclear when Halper began conducting surveillance on the Trump team, whether he was paid, and whether he was directed by the FBI, CIA or both.

What exactly prompted the surveillance campaign is also a mystery. Page had been on the FBI’s radar since 2013 when he cooperated with the FBI for its investigation of a Russian spy ring in New York City. One of the Russian operatives met with Page. Page shared some of his academic research with the operative, and said nothing of substance was exchanged.

Page and Papadopoulos joined the campaign together on March 21, 2016. Weeks later, top officials at the FBI and Justice Department considered whether to warn the Trump campaign about Page because of the Russian spy ring case as well as about Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign chairman who is now indicted over his lobbying work for a Ukrainian political party.

Then-FBI Director James Comey and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch decided against briefing the Trump team, according to a recent report from the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. U.S. officials did not want to offer the warnings for fear of alerting any Russian agents that were circling around the Trump associates, according to various reports.

Halper apparently tried to work Carter Page and George Papadoplous.

Halper first contacted Page in July 2016 and kept contact with him until September 2017, about the time an FBI surveillance warrant expired as to Page. Page said that they discussed a letter by Sen. Harry Reid that accused Page of being a Russian agent. Page said that Halper rolled his eyes, conveying he thought it was silly.

Halper reached out to Papadoplous in September of 2016, offering to fly him to London to talk about writing an energy policy letter and offering to pay him $3000 for it.

Papadopoulos made the trip and had dinner multiple times with Halper and a Turkish woman described as his assistant. Sources familiar with Papadopoulos’s version of their meetings said Halper randomly asked Papadopoulos whether he knew about Democratic National Committee emails that had been hacked and leaked by Russians.

Papadopoulos strongly denied the allegation, sources familiar with his version of the exchange have told TheDCNF. Halper grew agitated and pressed Papadopoulos on the topic. Papadopoulos believes that Halper was recording him during some of their interactions, sources said.

Halper’s assistant, who is named Azra Turk, brought up Russians and emails over drinks with Papadopoulos. Turk also flirted heavily with Papadopoulos and attempted to meet him in Chicago, where he lives, a source told TheDCNF.

Sounds obvious and ham-handed.

Halper also tried to reach out to Sam Clovis, another Trump advisor but their one meeting was apparently uneventful and they never met again.

Halper has long been connected to the CIA and MI6.

He is the son-in-law of Ray Cline, a legendary CIA officer who was the agency’s top analyst during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Halper also served on former President George H.W. Bush’s failed 1980 presidential campaign. He worked with a team of former CIA officers on an opposition research team. Halper would go to work on the Reagan campaign. There he was involved in a small scandal called Debategate, in which a small cadre of Reagan aides obtained debate notes from former President Jimmy Carter. Halper denied wrongdoing.

In recent years, Halper has worked closely with Sir Richard Dearlove, the former chief of MI6. They are both partners at the Cambridge Security Initiative, an intelligence consulting group that lists “UK and US government agencies” among its clients.

Halper and Dearlove were in the news in December 2016 when they threatened to resign from the Cambridge Intelligence Seminar over what they said were pervasive Russian ties.

So not only was he connected to the CIA and being run by the Obama administration to spy on Trump, he also had a long-standing conection to the Bush family.

In retrospect, Trump’s assertion that they may have been ‘tapping him at Trump Tower’ appears mild to what they actually did.

Here’s a link to Halper commenting to the BBC exactly a year ago, claiming the Trump FBI inquiry was of ‘Watergate proportions.’

He’s right. Except the people perpetrating the Watergate crime were the Obama administration.


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