Liberal Writer: I’d Rather My Daughter Date A MS-13 Gang Member Than A Republican

Media fell all over themselves to claim, falsely, that President Donald Trump had called immigrants ‘animals.’

Of course, he was actually referencing violent illegal alien MS-13 gang members, not immigrants. And what most media missed was the subject of the meeting, that politicians, law enforcement and ordinary citizens were standing up to the state, telling California they wouldn’t stand for their sanctuary state policies that were harming so many people.

But there were even worse takes, including the media types who even thought that truth that he was referencing MS-13 was still offensive in some way.

But no doubt the hottest take was from Rob Rousseau, a liberal freelance writer who has written for VICE.

From Daily Wire:

On Thursday afternoon, liberal freelance writer Rob Rousseau said he’d rather have his daughter date a member of the violent gang MS-13 than a member of the Republican Party.

Most of his Twitter feed is dedicated to bashing Republicans and Trump, and pretty much being a dumb ridiculous troll.

But this is representative of where liberal media is heading. In their mind, a murderous gang that cuts the hearts out of people is preferable to Trump. And when that’s the people charged with funneling you the news, that lack of unreality and hatred is a serious problem.

The freelance writer’s purposefully incendiary tweet about his daughter (which he does not actually have) was made in reaction to President Trump calling MS-13 members “animals.” The vicious gang, comprised mostly of immigrants from El Salvador, rapes, tortures, and murders victims in gruesome fashion, operating on the motto “Kill, Rape, Control.” In one such case, two teen girls were beaten with bats and hacked so severely with machetes that they were unrecognizable. When the MS-13 murderers appeared in court, they smiled, laughed, and waved as the victims’ family members looked on.

Rousseau was even disturbed that some media corrected their initial erroneous reports.

“Now that all these media dips***s have fallen over themselves to clarify Trump’s ‘animals’ comment, the notoriously reasonable & intelligent denizens of MAGA twitter are completely satisfied. They like CNN now actually,” he posted.

In another tweet, Rousseau suggested Trump was referring to all immigrants, sarcastically writing, “listen you lib moron, Trump wasn’t referring to just anyone as ‘animals’ just the members of a violent drug gang, also I believe those are the only people entering the US illegally and the only people being targeted by ICE.”

He got immediate backlash noting, “The chuds are mad at me again.”



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