Bernie Goes On TV To Talk About Texas HS Shooting, Ends Up Yelling At The NRA Instead

America suffered through another school shooting on Friday after a loner student at a Texas high school gunned down 9 people.

As usual, the media opted against having a conversation about mental health, bullying, or what is causing young boys in this country to commit these crimes on a psychological level.

Instead, the media decided to attack the NRA and pretend that another gun law would have stopped this shooter from stealing his dad’s guns.

Bernie Sanders went on television on Sunday and showed America exactly why no one trusts Democrats when it comes to guns.

From The Daily Caller:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders got angry on NBC’s “Meet The Press” Sunday, blaming the NRA and Republicans for not being about to “stand up” to pro-gun Americans.

“Have you guys done enough? Have you guys done enough in the Senate?” Todd asked in reference to recent gun violence.

“Of course not! Of course not!” Sanders said. “But it’s like every other issue. The American people are united overwhelmingly, gun owners, non-gun owners, gun safety, gun legislation, do away with the loophole.”

Here’s more.

From Breitbart:

He continued, “It’s a three-letter word. It’s the NRA, and it’s Trump and the Republicans who don’t have the guts to stand up to these people, and that’s pretty pathetic.”

Here’s the clip of the segment.

The millions of law-abiding citizens in the NRA did commit this crime. The deranged shooter did. And unless you want to ban all guns and prevent his parents from owning guns then what law would have stopped this crime? The NRA giving money to Congress just like other groups like Planned Parenthood and teacher’s unions do has literally nothing to do with this.

Also, school shootings are going down over the last couple decades. Not up.

But, let’s not let facts get in the way of our feelings and desire to blame others for problems to make ourselves feel good.


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