FBI/CIA Spying Op On Trump Campaign Began BEFORE FBI Investigation Was Even Opened

Talk this weekend is all about the FBI/CIA engaging a professor, Stefan Halper to spy on the Trump campaign. People trying to defend this are claiming that it was part of the FBI investigation into Russia collusion.

But there’s a huge problem with this ‘cover argument.’ And it’s pretty simple.

And it reveals the problem of the ever-changing story of Democrats and people in the Obama administration.

Remember how they were all about pushing the ‘dirty dossier?’ That was, at least until the Democratic connection to the dossier was revealed, until it was revealed that they had paid foreign agent Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, who were acting as agents for the Russians at least as regards the Magnitsky Act.

When the Democrat’s connection to the dossier was revealed, the cause/start of the investigation then shifted to the drunken Papadopoulos comment to Australian ambassador Alexander Downer speculating that the Russians had Hillary emails. It should be noted that it was common to speculate at the point that Papadopolous did that the Russians may have gotten Hillary’s emails from her insecure private server.

After the DNC emails leaked in on July 22, 2016 through Wikileaks, Downer says he thought more of Papadoplous’ comments and went to the FBI. That caused them to open the investigation on July 31, 2016. Downer, a friend of the Clintons, also has been embroiled in a scandal in Australia over the $25 million he got Australia to donate to the Clinton Foundation.

But here’s the rub.

Stefan Halper, the FBI/CIA operative, was already hard at work, reaching out to Carter Page in and meeting for the first time early July 2016.

So obviously they were already spying on the Trump campaign before the Papadopolous information reached their ears and before the FBI investigation was officially opened.

And if Papadopolous was the key, why were they reaching out to Page in early July? Based on what? Halper didn’t reach out to meet with Papadoplous until September 2, 2016. If he was the key, why wait so long?

It’s also worth noting that Page had been helpful to the FBI in the past. So why were they running an op on him in early July? Not because of the Papadopolous comment.

Now you know why the FBI/DOJ was so desperate to not give Congress the details about Halper.

And, of course, there’s another problem with all this spying as well as the now revealed spying/surveillance on at least 4 campaign staffers through ‘national security letters’ without any judicial review, without even a FISA warrant. And for that matter, without a crime or any clear national security question implicated.

Besides the problem of spying on your political opponents, a practice that one would hope would be abhorrent to any American no matter the political stripe, is the fact that the Obama administration members denied that it ever happened, in testimony before Congress. When Trump made his comment about people being ‘wiretapped at Trump Tower,’ everyone denied it, said we’re not aware of any of that happening and media derided Trump for being paranoid.

And none of this gets revealed until they are basically forced to out it.

So what else have they done that the public hasn’t been told about yet, because you know there’s more.

When will heads be rolling for this?



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