Toxic Twitter Causes Roseanne To Quit, Check What Brings Her Back

Actress and comedian Roseanne Barr is not a conservative although she is a Trump supporter. But she has been someone who hasn’t been afraid to question the liberal Hollywood orthodoxy. And that comes through in her show which allows for some characters expressing conservative or Trump supporting thought to come through.

And that’s something that Americans have recognized and rewarded with high ratings.

But that has made her a target of liberals, especially on social media.

And it seemed on Saturday that the harsh nature of Twitter may have made her quit.

From Biz Pac Review:

“I must in good conscience leave Twitter. bye bye!” she tweeted that morning.

“[I] already deleted facebook five years ago when the anti semitism there became toxic. I am leaving all social media except instagram,” she added several minutes later.

And she puts a needed spotlight on the toxic nature of Twitter, particularly from supposedly tolerant liberals who spew and hatred at anyone who isn’t in line with their far-left ideology, particularly Trump supporters.

The reactions to Roseanne’s tweets were vile. Many couldn’t be printed here. But here’s one printable sample.

But Trump supporters and Roseanne supporters rallied around Roseanne and showed their lve, saying basically don’t leave the field of battle, that her voice was needed.

“Roseanne, that’s the goal,” warned one fan, referencing Roseanne’s plans to depart social media. “They want to discourage you so you leave. They want us all to be discouraged by low numbers as they shadowban us. Don’t let them win. We can NEVER let them win. As frustrating as it is, this is the fight we need – and we need fighters like YOU in it!”

And it worked!

“[W]elp-ppl have convinced me 2 stay w them here,” Roseanne tweeted later that afternoon.


That, of course didn’t stop the hateful comments which continued.

But Roseanne fans were delighted that they wouldn’t be losing that connection with her and that she still would be lending her voice to the fray.

And liberals had to resign themselves to failure once again.


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