WATCH: Father Of Murdered Parkland Student Calls For Metal Detectors, Armed Guards

After the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Andrew Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was murdered, vowed to do all he could to stop it from happening again. He wisely realized that there was too much fighting over gun control and not enough focus on school safety and made it his mission to try to help increase safety.

In the wake of the shooting in Santa Fe, he’s calling for an immediate focus on employing armed security, metal detectors and single point/controlled entry for schools, much as one might have in a courthouse or at an airport, in order to stop another mass shooting.

He appeared with Anderson Cooper on CNN to make his point.

From Daily Wire:

COOPER: You talk about anger, and I know you have been turning that anger into action ever since your daughter was killed. You’re focusing on school safety. Do you think anything has changed? I mean, are we in the same place as we were before the parkland shooting?

POLLACK: Well, I think not much has changed because it happened again. You know, after 9/11, there hasn’t been one hijacking that I know of … but today, we sit here, me and you, talking and it’s the 22nd school shooting of this year. Now when is enough going to be enough where people say listen, we need to have single-point entries and metal detectors at the school just like in a courthouse or at a stadium. We’re safe in a stadium, but we let our kids go to school and they’re not safe.

Now, it should be noted that Pollack is repeating a false CNN stat when he says there have been 22 school shootings this year. There have not been 22 mass school shootings, there have been 22 incidents that involved a gun at or near a school including such things as an accidental discharge, bb guns in the parking lot and a domestic dispute at a college dorm.

All the air gets sucked out of the topic by the gun control people and many of those don’t even want to talk about what might actually stop or at least reduce school shootings – school safety.

Pollack has started an organization to sharpen that focus.

COOPER: You have an organization, [Americans for Class] … and that’s the focus, to try to change and focus on school safety issues?

POLLACK: Well, what I got involved with is, I don’t want it to be politicized. It shouldn’t be in this country where people make it political. [The] Left, the Right. You know, we all have kids. So after a lot of these shootings, I saw that a lot of the focus was just on guns, and for me, it really bothered me because it’s something that every American wants … our kids being safe. And that’s something we can do right away. So that’s why I started, to work with parents throughout the country on keeping our kids and our teachers safe because look at our society, Anderson. We grew up in times where we were safe at school. I met with over a hundred teachers in the Parkland area, and [they] still to this day do not feel safe going to school, and the students don’t feel safe.

Pollack also appeared with Neil Cavuto on Fox, reiterating his position. “When’s the country just gonna say listen, it’s enough? We need single point entries with metal detectors.”

Cavuto asked him what did he think was the most important thing to do?

POLLACK: It’s a process. It can’t just be one step, you know? There’s layers of security. So you have to start with the security of … entry points. You’ve gotta have limited entry points. You need metal detectors, and you need armed guards. It’s really three layers of security to protect our kids.

Pollack went on to talk about legislation he’s advocating that would have trained and armed personnel (perhaps veterans and retired law enforcement) stationed in schools.

Mass school shootings still are an extremely rare event, despite the media focus.

That said, if you truly want to ensure security, you need to provide it in the schools. And focusing on and fighting about gun control isn’t going to achieve it.


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