Officials Announce No Anthem At Softball Game, Check What The California Crowd Did Next

You may have given up on California, thought it completely in the thrall of liberals and their control over the state.

But every once in a while, California may surprise you.

From Fresno Bee:

When an official announced they would not play the Star Spangled Banner before the Clovis-Buchanan softball game Friday – twice! – well, you may as well have let Kim Jong Un throw out the first pitch dressed in nothing but an Iron Curtain.

No anthem? Nice try. Hundreds of softball fans took to their feet and spangled away, singing the anthem a capella while the players on the field stood at attention toward the centerfield flag at Margie Wright Diamond.

The Central Section Division I softball championship crowd booed the decision and then they sprang or rather, sang, into action.

It may not have been pretty or perfect, but they were on the job. Because ‘Merica.

“Honestly, I was shocked (when) the announcer stated, ‘There will be no anthem, let’s just play softball,’” said Tiffany Marquez, who drove to the game from Fowler and posted video of the makeshift choir on Facebook. “Within seconds, you could hear people in the crowd singing and the volume of their voices building. There I was, standing in the middle of a true testament to unity and patriotism.”

Oh say, can’t you see? The national anthem and the flag it adores still matter to a whole lot of people, and they take it personal when anyone comes between them and the star-kissed stripes.

It’s not clear why the officials were not playing the anthem.

But it is clear why the audience was singing it.

Because, and perhaps especially during Memorial Day weekend, they believe in it.

Because a meaningful swath of Americans still believes in the concepts of patriotism, liberty and freedom, despite a lot of forces seeking to unhinge us from those moorings.

The NFL now gets that it’s a meaningful swath of Americans which is why they just changed their policy to stop kneeling during the anthem or do it in the locker room.

Because the flag and the anthem are a vibrant symbol of those beliefs for which so many have sacrificed so much, even on to death.

And people do well to remember it, as the people in Clovis did on Friday.

There may be hope yet for California…


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