Boycott Time? Retail Giant J. Crew Slaps Conservatives In the Face with Appalling Move

Fashion giant J. Crew is now selling a new line of pink T-Shirts aimed at indoctrinating our children with feminism, especially little boys.

The retailer is selling a new line of pink shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “I’m a Feminist Too” and meant for little boys to wear, according to BizPacReview.

The popular brand recently collaborated with clothing company prinkshop to create a T-shirt that reads, “I’m a feminist too,” CBS News reported. The shirt went for $29.50 and 10 percent of the profits go to the Girl Up campaign, according to J.Crew’s website. The Girl Up campaign works alongside the United Nations to help girls “achieve their dreams,” J.Crew also notes.

“We value freedom of speech and freedom of commerce. We want to create change and create jobs,” prinkshop’s website says. “Our bold, text-based graphic products feature issues ranging from women’s reproductive rights and push for equality to education and gun control.”

With a social media post saying, “Start ‘Em Young,” J.Crew also posted a a message to Instagram:

J.Crew’s partner in this venture, Prinkshop, also praised its “inclusive design” on its own Instagram account.

Naturally, left-wingers are loving all this.

The far left magazine Mother Jones posted some of the comments excited over the shirt offer:

“All of these negative comments just show how necessary this shirt is. What a great message! Rather than a ‘boys will be boys’ top. this spreads love and equality.”

“We need to teach children equality at a young age? What could be more important to teach them? Than to love and treat all people equally? I love that this is a message J crew is promoting, and find it odd you wouldn’t want your children to believe in this message as well.”

“Yay, @jcrew! My family was needing new wardrobe items & you not only gained our attention but business! And shame, shame on anyone who would teach a girl she is anything less than #equal in anyone’s eyes! Praise the company that supports the child, that all children…and adults are treated #equally. Grateful to stand with J Crew!”

“Sure are a lot of women commenting here that are upset by equality. Yikes.”

“My mind is blown at the fact that people, most of them being women, are in these comments UPSET about supporting feminists. Why are you upset about equal rights, pay, and treatment? How could something so positive be so bothersome to you? Please explain to me.”

“I can’t believe that people, particularly women, have a problem with a boy wearing a feminist shirt. Feminists believe in equality for women. PERIOD. It’s a damn shame that equality is a political statement. The rest of you can go back to not being able to work, own property without a man co-signing, being sexually harassed without recourse. I AM FOR EQUALITY!”

In any case, the shirts sold out over the Memorial Day weekend. Of course, J. Crew did not say how many shirts they produced. It could have been ten, it could have been ten thousand.


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