James Woods Delivers Epic Smackdown To Obama Employment Jab At Trump

James Woods is a national treasure on Twitter, he just cuts right to the heart of the matter.

His target today was former President Barack Obama in light of the great employment news.

Watch Obama tell a guy from Indianapolis whose concerned about having a job say that certain jobs are “just not going to come back.”

And he mocks Trump saying otherwise. Because “there’s no answer to it,” according to Obama.

But James Woods delivers the perfect smackdown.

*Warning for language*

As Twitchy notes:

Tax cuts DO work! Companies raising wages (because they want to and can afford to), creating more jobs, hiring more people, handing out bonuses, and all because the Feds FINALLY figured out it was time to rob corporations just a little less.

Not to mention the 80% of Americans who are seeing bumps in their checks because of these cuts, which means they have more money to put back into their communities.

And inimitable Charles Payne details how these are exactly a combination of the jobs that Obama thought could never come back.

This is not just because of the tax cuts but because of Trump reviving the American energy industry as well, helping with deregulation.

And that’s how it’s supposed to work.

That is if you actually have thought and place American policy and workers before a host of other liberal agenda items.



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