Trump-Backed Republican Candidate for Governor of Calif. Just WON. Let That Sink In For A Minute

The primary election in the left-wing state of California just took an unusual turn last night when John Cox, the strongly conservative candidate backed by President Donald Trump, won the GOP primary.

California’s Republican primary voters seem finally to have had enough of the left-leaning so-called Republicans who have run for governor over the last 20 years. Instead of the mushy left-leaning candidates the state party has offered in the past, the openly conservative John Cox easily won over a crowded GOP field in Tuesday night’s voting.

Indeed in the “top-two” race, Cox came very close to top winner, Democrat Gavin Newsom, who won 34.7 percent of the vote to Cox’s 26 percent. So now, the two will face off in this year’s general election.

California has a “different” sort of primary where the top two vote-getters among the whole field of candidates of all parties will face each other in the general. This means that two Democrats could have run against each other if the “top two” vote-getters were both Democrats. Indeed, most watchers of California politics thought that Democrat Newsom was going to face former Democrat Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in November.

But at the last minute, Republican Cox surged ahead of Villaraigosa who ended up with only 11.2 percent of the vote.

Some feel that President Trump’s last-minute support of Cox helped him push ahead of the rest of the candidates to take second place in Tuesday’s voting.

As is his wont, the president took to his overheated Twitter account to stump for Cox and celebrate his win.

For his part, John Cox insisted that his strong second place finish proves that even voters in California are starting to get sick and tired of the destruction Democrats have brought to the state.

“This is only the first step to turning around this state and taking back California for all Californians,” Cox said on Tuesday night.

Still, California is the most liberal state in the union, so it would seem that Cox will have an uphill battle, regardless. On the other hand, California’s sanctuary state laws have been riling voters across the state and several cities and counties have bucked Sacramento by refusing to implement the rules that shield illegal alien criminals from deportation and from that then have often resulted in subsequent rape, drug dealing, traffic offenses, and even murder.

So, maybe John Cox does have a chance to win election as California’s governor?

Of course, if he does, how will he get anything done since he won’t have a party with much power to help him usher his agenda through the state legislature?

Whatever happens, it will be interesting to watch. Cox may not win this time, but it seems obvious that voters are starting to rebel against California’s extremist, left-wing political atmosphere.



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