Reporter Drops Nuke: Jeff Sessions ‘COVERING UP’ Scandal That’ll Unravel Dems’ Entire Russia Story

The Daily Caller’s Luke Rosiak has been doing a bang-up job reporting on the Democratic IT scandal for the last year. But there’s a big change in the case of Imran Awan and Rosiak is signaling it may indicate that a cover-up is in the offing. And he says that cover-up may be hiding a scandal that could destroy the Russian hacking narrative.

Rosiak was interviewed by Fox’s Lou Dobbs.

From Conservative Tribune:

Awan, regular readers might remember, was arrested at Washington Dulles Airport trying to fly back to his native Pakistan one day after smashed hard drives were recovered from his home by federal officials. He was charged, along with his wife, with bank fraud and conspiracy in the matter.

However, the case has been subject to repeated delays and seems to have mysteriously disappeared from the radar of practically anyone but investigative reporter Luke Rosiak with The Daily Caller. As a plea deal seems to be imminent, Rosiak has noted that Awan has been hiding assets and that his former business partner claims that data was given to the Pakistanis government by the Awan family, among other claims.

Rosiak believes that Awan might have been behind a second hack that hit the DNC.

“There was a second hack that occurred the same week that the DNC was breached, the same week that WikiLeaks started putting up those DNC emails,” Rosiak said in an appearance on Lou Dobbs’ Fox Business Network show Tuesday. “The House of Representatives inspector general briefed that there was this ongoing hack by Pakistanis who the Democrats have hired as IT guys.”

That, obviously, would be the Awan family. Now, Rosiak says Awan is being protected for political reasons.

“Obviously, they would have been arrested (off) the bat, obviously,” Rosiak said. “But think back, that Russia narrative they just decided to start pitching that very week. You know how tenuous it is, how backed by nothing it is.

“You throw into the mix arrests of Pakistanis hired by Democrats and unvetted for a similar hack at the identical time, the narrative about Russia would have been impossible to secure. And that’s all they care about is the narrative.”

Yet, the Trump administration and the DOJ under Attorney General Jeff Sessions seem to be preparing to make a deal with Awan and settle the matter in a plea deal which would mean Americans would never know what happened.

“What it is, is that the handling of this case disproves the entire Russia narrative,” Rosiak responded. “They don’t care about hacking, they don’t care about foreign meddling. What they did in this case is knowingly allow the United States government to be hacked by Pakistanis for six months until right after the election so that they could peddle a phony narrative.”

Rosiak was even willing to go far enough to say that “what the Democrats did here is treason. They allowed the United States to continuously be hacked by the bad guys so that they could spin this Russia narrative.”

That’s a bit of a jump, but not as much of leap as one might hope. The Democrats have been willing to shield Awan nearly continuously, with Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Democrat, going as far as to label speculation over Awan before his arrest “Islamophobia.”

In spite of the fact that the Awan family were suspects in this hacking, Rosiak reports they had access to the House of Representatives’ computer network until Feb. 2, 2017 — nearly two weeks after Donald Trump was inaugurated. He also reported that physical evidence in the case kept disappearing — except, of course, for the laptop with the user name “RepDWS” which was left in a phone booth in the House Rayburn by Awan. We also know that Awan had all the passwords to Debbie Wasserman Schutz’s devices, as proved by the emails posted by WikiLeaks.

Rosiak wasn’t holding back and he blamed Sessions for nothing being done.

“The DOJ, under Jeff Sessions, is covering up a scandal that exposes the entire Russia narrative as a hoax,” he told Dobbs. “It is within Jeff Sessions’ power to demolish this Russia narrative once and for all, charge the Pakistanis with hacking Congress, and expose the Democrats’ hypocrisy and negligence… This case is open and shut, and Jeff Sessions is refusing to bring the charges.”

There’s a lot more than just bank fraud and money laundering and it all needs to be exposed and laid out on the table. If important information was stolen and shipped to Pakistan, as evidence suggests. If Awan took other information and was using it against Democratic members. If that was what prevented the alleged data theft from being exposed. Americans need to know.

And it shouldn’t just all be swept away with a quiet little plea deal.


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