David Hogg Complains ‘Politics Is All Spectacle’ — Kyle Kashuv CRUSHES Him with 8 Simple Words

Anti-gun Parkland kid David Hogg likes to stick his foot in his mouth on Twitter. And his classmate, pro-gun supporter Kyle Kashuv, hilariously thrills in pointing it out, too. This week, Kashuv got another zinger in on another of Hogg’s idiotic comments.

The latest Hogg tweet is set against his increasingly political activities as the 2018 midterm elections gear up. Hogg has been jumping straight into politics instead of just advocating for his anti-American, anti-Constitution activities. He has tweeted support for specific candidates who he thinks will push his un-American ideals.

Seriously? The kid who has spearheaded the spectacle of multiple marches, speeches, and programs to push his anti-gun hysteria, and HE is the one pointing out that “spectacle” is something to be hated?

Well, as is his wont, Hogg’s more sensible classmate, Parkland student Kyle Kashuv, stuck a shiv in Hogg’s nonsense:

So, right.

Indeed, if young Mr. Hogg hates “spectacle” so much, why did he and his silly childish acquaintances go to a grocery store and lay on the floor for a photo op?

Isn’t that just a bit spectacle-ish?

Indeed, Hogg’s activities are all about “spectacle.” A quick look at his own Twitter feed easily shows that:

If those aren’t examples of “spectacle,” what are they? And his feed is littered with this junk.

Of course, all of this also came with another Hogg Tweet where it seems he doesn’t even know the definition of simple words.

Hogg recently tweeted this:

Um, “spur gun violence”? Does he even know what the word “spur” means? It means to urge on and encourage. So, if he really understood what “spur” meant then in his tweet he’s saying that the increasing the minimum wage to $15 urges on or encourages gun violence. Clearly that isn’t what he meant to say, so just as clearly he doesn’t know what the word “spur” means.

But, again, what does the minimum wage have to do with his anti-gun cause, anyway? Well, nothing, actually. It is just another left-wing cause he can pile on top of his other anti-American positions.

It just goes to show, at least in this case, that out of the mouths of babes comes… drool.


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