JUST IN: Seattle Breaks Liberal Hearts Everywhere, Repeals Business Tax It Passed Only 4 Weeks Earlier

In liberal land, taxes solve everything.

If a problem comes up all you have to do is raise taxes and the problem will go away.

Just look at California. They have the highest taxes in the union and have absolutely no problems!

Yeah. It never works out the way liberals think it will.

Like California, Seattle has a homeless problem that’s out of control.

Their solution to the problem was to just tax all the evil rich corporations and use that money to fight homelessness.

The tax passed about a month ago.

From Geek Wire:

The Seattle City Council unanimously passed a smaller version of the controversial “head tax” on Amazon and other top-grossing businesses that has sent shockwaves through the tech industry and municipal government over the past few weeks.

At an impassioned meeting Monday afternoon, the Council approved an amendment establishing the tax of $275 per employee per year — down from $500 previously — on companies with more than $20 million in annual revenue in the city.

The tax that passed Monday will raise $45 to $49 million annually to fight the homelessness crisis. The Council’s spending plan allocates 60-70 percent for affordable housing and the remaining funds will go toward shelters and other homeless services

Flash forward about a month and that tax is now being repealed.

Why? It was a bad idea and companies like Amazon weren’t impressed.

From Reuters:

Seattle’s city council, facing stiff opposition from the business establishment, voted on Tuesday to repeal a newly enacted “head tax” imposed on the city’s largest companies, including Amazon.com, as a way of fighting an affordable housing crisis.

The 7-2 vote in favor of repeal, capping an acrimonious public hearing interrupted by chanting supporters of the tax, came as momentum was building for a referendum drive against the measure just weeks after it was unanimously adopted by the council and signed by the mayor.

Amazon.com (AMZN.O), the city’s largest employer, was at the forefront of a coalition of businesses running a well-financed campaign to place a repeal referendum on the ballot for the November elections.

Let’s be real. This tax wasn’t going to fix the homeless problem and who knows where that money would have actually went.

Not only that, Seattle doesn’t have a revenue problem. It has a spending problem just like other blue state out there.

There are plenty of ways to combat homelessness and companies have every right to push back against the idea that taxing them is the answer.

Sanity prevailed today.


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