Fox News Just Crushed The Cable News Competition For The 22nd Week In A Row

Fox News has been the king of cable for about 20 years now without any break.

We all understand that Fox is the most trusted name in news and we all understand that CNN and MSNBC are dumpster fires.

However, it’s still pretty fascinating to look at the numbers to see just how terrible the liberal networks are doing.

Check out the latest ratings…

From The Daily Caller:

Fox News continues to dominate the cable TV ratings battle, becoming the most watched network in total viewers for the 22nd week in a row.

According to Nielsen Media Research, FNC averaged nearly 1.4 million in total viewers for the week of June 4 – June 10. Fox News also won primetime, garnering 2.4 million in total viewers.

MSNBC trailed behind FNC in primetime with just 1.65 total viewers. CNN didn’t even crack the top five networks for primetime, reaching 6th place with 1.09 million.

Here’s more.

From Ad Week:

FNC also had the top five cable telecasts among total viewers including airings of Hannity taking the top 4 slots, averaging 3.2 million viewers per telecast last week.

Compared to the same week in 2017, which included the day of the James Comey hearing (Thurs, June 8), FNC was up +2 percent in prime time viewers, while MSNBC was down -11 percent. Those two networks also finished 1 and 2 this same week last year.

FNC (2,425,000)

MSNBC (1,648,000)

HGTV (1,404,000)

USA (1,357,000)

TBS (1,117,000)

This isn’t a coincidence.

There’s a reason that people trust Fox News so much more than these other networks.

Of course, Fox leans to the right. However, they are without a doubt the most down the middle news outfit on television and it’s not close.

CNN and MSNBC really need to start listening to the viewers.


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