Furious Parents Take Matters Into Own Hands After Transgender Boys Dominate Girls Track Meet

You have probably heard the stories out there about how transgender kids are competing in high school sports with kids of the opposite gender. Kids who were born as men are competing with women and in many cases they are blowing them out of the water.

How would you feel if you were one of those parents? How would you feel if you’re daughter worked hard to train and get ready for a race only to be defeated by a man?

Apparently, some parents in Connecticut aren’t thrilled about that idea.

And they are fighting back.

From The Daily Wire:

While two transgender athletes dominated the 100 and 200 meter dashes at Connecticut’s state championships for girls track and field, some parents launched petitions to make sure that competitions are restricted to athletes who were the same gender at birth.

The Hartford Courant reported that Bianca Stanescu, whose daughter Selina Soule finished sixth in the 100-meter State Open final, was circulating one petition at track meets. Her petition asks the state legislature to require athletes to compete in sports based on their gender at birth, unless the athlete has undergone hormone therapy. Soule herself said, “I think it’s unfair to the girls who work really hard to do well and qualify for Opens and New Englands. These girls, they’re just coming in and beating everyone. I have no problem with them wanting to be a girl.”

Of course it’s unfair.

We should be able to walk this line. If boys want to pretend to be girls great. But, they have to compete with the boys. Sorry.

That seems like a reasonable solution.

Liberals can deny science all they want on the internet but it has negative implications and side effects in real life that parents have every right to be upset about.



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