Stormy Blindsided: This Could Single Handedly Destroy Her Entire Case Against Trump

Porn ‘actress’ Stormy Daniels was just blindsided with news that could single-handedly destroy her entire case against President Donald Trump.

Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti raised nearly $600K via a crowd-sourced website to fund her case against President Donald Trump. But now that fund may be endangered.

A court recently found that Avenatti’s firm Eagan Avenatti owes attorney Jason Frank more than $10 million in a separate case. Now Frank has asked the court to confiscate most of the $577,000 fund that would have been paid to Avenatti for the Daniels case.

As The Daily Caller News Foundation reported:

Daniels started a crowdfunding effort in March of this year to cover legal bills and other expenses for her lawsuit against Trump over a confidentiality agreement signed in 2016.

Over 16,500 people have donated to the fund as of Tuesday, which is hosted by Crowd Justice.

Avenatti objected to the motion, according to The Los Angeles Times. In an e-mail to the paper, he dismissed the effort to seize the legal funds as baseless and said his old firm, Eagan Avenatti, does not even represent Daniels.

Still, when The Daily Caller News Foundation has called Avenatti in the past, a receptionist has referred to his firm as Eagan Avenatti. In multiple correspondences with him, his signature line still says he’s a partner at the firm.

As the LA Times notes, Avenatti has used an Eagan Avenatti email address when corresponding with Trump’s attorneys.

As it is, Mr. Frank already won a $4.85 million judgment against Avenatti.

Avenatti claims that Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford) is not represented by the firm in question but that she is working with Avenatti & Associates, a “completely different law firm,” he said.

Fox News explains farther:

But Avenatti’s personal business dealings have come under scrutiny in recent months. Fox News confirmed last month that Avenatti is under investigation by the California State Bar over allegations related to his stewardship of the bankrupt Tully’s Coffee chain. The ownership group, Global Baristas LLC, faced a lien for unpaid federal taxes worth approximately $5 million.

Avenatti has also claimed that the tax lien in question “is related to an entity that was owned by another company that I used to have an interest in.” He told Fox News, “At no point in time was I ever responsible for any taxes for Global Baristas US LLC, nor was I ever a member of that entity, nor did I own any direct interest in that entity.”

Court records detail Avenatti’s extravagant lifestyle, with monthly expenses running to about $40,000. He’s a noted collector of watches and artwork, uses a private jet to travel, and leases expensive cars, his wife claimed in case documents. Lisa Storie-Avenatti has suggested he was avoiding their divorce proceedings.

But, if the courts agree with Jason Frank that Avenatti, then that legal fund that Stormy Daniels thought she had to fund her attack on Trump will disappear and there is no way she’ll be able to replace that money. And that means she has no way to continue her nuisance case against Trump.

In any case, this is a clear and present danger to Daniels’ case.


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