Obama Stenographer Tells ALL: Sex, Drugs, and Partying on Air Force One

If you followed the Obama Admin. at all you know that they weren’t too big on following the rules. The administration was plagued by major scandals from start to finish. VA scandal. DOJ scandal. Benghazi. IRS scandal. Several EPA scandals. Fast and Furious. On and on.

However, it’s even worse than we thought when you start looking beneath the surface and learning about things we never found out about at the time.

Check out what was going on behind the scenes at the Obama White House.

From New York Post:

Where President Obama flew, so flew his trusty stenographer — and now she’s written a memoir that offers a fair share of drugs and sex, but is frustratingly short on naming names.

The press corps traveled on a privately chartered “party plane,” she dishes of jetting to more than 60 countries with a pool of 13 reporters.

On long flights, everyone took whatever worked to get some shuteye, including Sonata, Xanax and Ambien.

The drugs made “awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre,” Dorey-Stein writes, according to the Daily Mail.

And while Dorey-Stein offers no gossip on Obama himself, the stenographer — one of three rotating on Air Force One trips and other travel assignments — did admit leaving her hotel room ajar in foreign cities, for the benefit of a senior-staffer sweetheart she calls “Jason Wolf.”

“She’d listen to old-timer boozy party animals tell stories about the different administrations, presidents, international incidents they’ve witnessed – from George H.W. puking on the prime minister of Japan, Reagan in Rome falling asleep in front of the pope, Monica Lewinsky, 9/11, and Katrina,” the Mail writes.

Drugs, sex, and rock and roll. Sounds like they were having a good ol’ time.

Here’s more.

From The Daily Mail:

Beck Dorey-Stein was 25 years old and working five part-time jobs when she serendipitously answered an ad on Craigslist for a stenographer.

Two interviews later, she was offered a job in Barack Obama‘s White House in 2012.

Obviously, nothing wrong with taking some sleeping pills but clearly this was a party atmosphere and not at all the same image that the public was shown.

Beck saw how Obama coped with stress and grief over 60 foreign trips, cracked his Nicorette gum to keep from smoking, and on one occasion told stories about how he met Michelle and how she tried to pass him off to one of her friends.

Around the world, she watched a crew of smokers douse themselves in Purell sanitizer up past their wrists after grabbing a smoke so there was no lingering smell of cigarettes for Obama who had quit the habit.

In her new job assignment, Beck was advised by the hiring agency to stay away from the Secret Service agents as well as ‘stay with your boyfriend’.

She knew this was going to be her big break and felt confident leaving her boyfriend, Sam, back in Washington working for a PR firm writing speeches for gubernatorial candidates.

He always encouraged her and supported her taking the job that would separate them.

But Beck broke protocol of the job when she got involved in a hot and heavy secret sexual relationship with one of Obama’s senior staffers in hotel rooms – and fell in love.

Left with a broken heart and feeling duplicitous with too many nights at a bar getting drunk, she says the stolen thrill was worth the heartache although it cost her the relationship with her boyfriend in D.C.

There’s a lot more fascinating information in that Daily Mail piece but you get the idea.

H/T Daily Wire


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