Teacher Shows Pro-Life Video In Class, Finds Herself In Hot Water When School Finds Out

Abortion is one of the most controversial topics in this country and it’s hard to imagine a solution that makes both sides happy.

One thing is certain in this debate.

Abortion is a very violent and very gruesome procedure.

There’s no debate about that. You might think it’s totally fine. But you can’t argue that it’s a mild procedure.

Check out what happened to a teacher recently when she tried to explain that reality to her students.

From The Daily Caller:

A teacher has landed in hot water after showing graphic depictions of abortion during a middle school class on sexual education.

After students from Sutter Middle School came home and told their parents what they’d seen, the Sacramento City Unified School District launched an investigation to identify exactly what the teacher has espoused in the classroom to determine if the material was in fact inappropriate for middle schoolers.

The teacher, who remains anonymous for privacy reasons, allegedly showed the students videos depicting abortion at various stages. The videos were narrated by former abortion doctor turned pro-life activist Anthony Levatino, The Sacramento Bee reports.

So you have to wonder just what the parents are upset about here.

Is this video inappropriate for kids in middle-school? Sure. You can certainly make that argument.

But are the parents are so mad about how graphic the video is shouldn’t they also be mad at the abortion industry? There isn’t anything inaccurate in this video and you can also make an argument that this teacher was simply explaining to these kids what abortion is.

They aren’t too young to know what abortion is. Are they?

Watch the video for yourself.

It’s hard to watch. But, isn’t that the point?

Here’s more.

From Sacramento Bee:

The district launched an investigation following complaints from parents whose children had seen the videos, which depict how abortions are performed during various stages of pregnancy. The videos are narrated by physician and anti-abortion activist Anthony Levatino, who describes in detail the process for performing the procedures and urges viewers to “protect the pre-born.”

The classroom presentation, shown earlier this month, included a music video titled “Can I Live?” in which the artist thanks his mother for her decision to forgo an abortion.

School district spokesman Alex Barrios said Tuesday that the videos are “completely inappropriate for the classroom” and fail to “meet the district’s approved family life and sexuality curriculum.”

Barrios said the district “will address this matter with the seriousness it demands.” He did not identify the teacher, citing confidentiality policies regarding personnel matters.

Parents told The Bee that the teacher is Jenny Thomas, whose specialty is science. Among their responsibilities, science teachers are tasked with educating students about family life and human sexuality. Parents described Thomas as a good teacher, and said they believed she has never used the videos in previous classes.

The district’s investigation will seek to determine “how this happened,” Barrios said of the presentation.

Another problem here is that you know teachers all across the country are sharing far more controversial things with students.

You have to imagine there are plenty of parents out there who feel that their kids should know what an abortion is so they know what a serious deal it is.

What are your thoughts?

Let us know in the comments.


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