‘You’re Stupid, Pathetic’: Tucker Unloads On Liberal Hack In Angriest Interview Yet

Tucker Carlson has had his fair share of intense interviews since his hit show began.

On Tuesday night, we might have seen him at his angriest so far. Granted, he had every reason to be furious with the guest he had on that was trying to somehow justify illegal immigration as if borders don’t matter.

Check out the interview for yourself.

From Conservative Tribune:

Jose Aristimuño, the former deputy national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, was invited by Carlson to debate the issue — but the segment quickly turned personal.

Rather than beginning a civilized discussion about options for dealing with the rising Hispanic gang problem, Aristimuño instead lashed out at Carlson and conservatives.

“Part of the issue here, Tucker, is that people like yourself and some Republicans want to pinpoint and just simply say because your first name’s Jose, or you’re Latino like me, I’m automatically an MS-13 gang member,” Aristimuño declared.

In other words, the guest blatantly called the host of the program a racist and put bigoted words in his mouth.

Never a good idea to call Tucker a racist when he’s not saying anything even remotely racist.

That’s what the left does in this argument, though.

If they get cornered or if you bring up a statistic they’ve never heard they just sit back and call you a racist. Unfortunately, that’s pretty effective because most people don’t actually do any research or try to get to the bottom of anything.


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