CNN Anchor Claims He Didn’t Vote For Hillary, Kellyanne Conway Flattens Him

The liberal media was in the tank for Donald Trump. There’s no debate about that.

There isn’t a single anchor at CNN or MSNBC who voted for President Trump.

Conservatives in the mainstream media outside of Fox News simply don’t exist.

Brian Stelter might be the biggest ideologue on CNN and he’s made it clear many times that he’s in the tank for whatever Democrat is on the ballot.

He recently tried to corner Kellyanne Conway on the 2016 election and Kellyanne flipped it right back on him.

Stelter claimed he didn’t vote for Hillary (Yeah, right) and Kellyanne’s response was perfect.

From The Daily Caller:

Conway teased Stelter, “I’m sorry, did you just say something that a lot of people on your side on the aisle are not willing to say?”

“I’m not on a side of an aisle. That’s an offensive remark,” Stelter responded.

“Well, tell America. Did you vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? How did your wife vote? Tell America,” she shot back.

“I did not vote for president. I left that spot blank on the ballot that day. But, it’s not appropriate for you to go around asking people who they voted for.”

“You probably didn’t think she needed your help,” she replied.

Here’s the clip.

Gotta love Kellyanne. She punches back just as hard when the media attacks her and that’s great to see.

Are you buying that Stelter didn’t vote for Hillary?

Seems pretty far-fetched.

And, even if he didn’t, Kellyanne is right that he probably thought he didn’t need to.

I don’t know why CNN keeps asking Kellyanne to come on their shows. All she ends up doing is wrecking all of their anchors.



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