Giuliani: Mueller Investigation Will Likely End By September 1

It’s way past time to end this Mueller investigation.

After a year of investigating what proof of collusion do we have?

Nothing. In fact, Mueller doesn’t even appear to be looking into collusion anymore. He’s running around making life miserable for Trump’s friends.

According to Rudy, the end could be coming relatively soon…

From Washington Examiner:

Special counsel Robert Mueller will likely conclude his probe into whether President Trump obstructed the Russia investigation by Sept. 1 if Trump grants him an interview, according to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Mueller’s timeline, shared with Giuliani as Trump’s legal team negotiate with the office of the special counsel over whether the president will voluntarily sit down with investigators, was laid out in an effort to avoid affecting the 2018 midterm elections, per the New York Times.

“You don’t want another repeat of the 2016 election where you get contrary reports at the end and you don’t know how it affected the election,” Giuliani told the newspaper, referring to former FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

The key here is that Trump would have to agree to an interview and that seems like a huge mistake.

Not because Trump did anything wrong but because this is clearly a perjury trap.

Wrapping this mess up is in the best interest of the country.

If Democrats want to impeach Trump they are more than welcome to try but it’s not going to have anything to do with collusion because there very clearly was no collusion.



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