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Best Ways To Stay Healthy During The Spring And Summer

Spring and summer are a time of change and forming new habits. The transition to warmer temperatures and more sunlight adds vigour to our lives while also calling for a re-evaluation of our diet, sleep cycle and exercise routine. Though the ubiquity of coronavirus has caused a substantial change to our everyday life, spring and summer remain, naturally, the right time to rework our ways and make the necessary alterations for achieving the best personal fullness. 

Get started with the following pointers to ensure your mind and body gets the invigoration they need this time of year for optimal well-being.

Stay Hydrated

Warmer temperature causes perspiration. Even when you don’t feel perspiring, your body loses a significant amount of moisture. Increasing water intake and gulping more fluids ensures your body remains proactive and protected from various health risks resulting from dehydration. Also, make sure to drink only purified water to avoid water-borne diseases, such as diarrhoea, cholera, or typhoid.

Go Outdoors and Exercise

Though doing physical activity every day is good all year round, it is vital to move your muscles and bones more often in summer. Going outdoors in bright sunlight for a walk or a sprint is abundantly more nourishing for your health than indoor exercises. We are accustomed to enjoying going outside. Our mental muscles get to be more mindful of being on uneven surfaces and watching out for passers-by while also bettering our body balance.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

There is a charm to savouring the seasonal fruits and veggies. You get abundant nutrients to equip your body with the warm climatic conditions. The wide variety in both fruits (mangoes, watermelons, berries, oranges, etc.) and vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, corn, cucumber, okra, etc.) leave no room for monotony. Having salads, yogurt, and sprouts in addition further enrich your daily diet.

Avoid Eating Fried and Fatty

A lot of what you eat during winter can wreak havoc on your digestive system during summer. The fried and fatty food must be avoided or extensively minimalized to keep your stomach healthy. You can opt for lean meat or poultry, which contain low-fat content and are easier to digest.

Relish the Morning Sunlight

Getting appropriate exposure to sunlight is highly important. The morning hours, in particular, produce the most vitamin D, which is excellent for your bones and other body functions. Compared to cold, grey winters, spring brings a great vibe to your life. It’s pleasing to go outside for a morning jog or some sporting activity. Pre-Covid days even accommodated for stimulating community gatherings. Yet, you can make the most of the fresh air and ecstatic sunlight for your soul and vitality.

Change Your Sleep Schedule

Though it’s an elating feeling to rise early from spring, it can get a bit bothersome at first to switch from the prolonged sleep regime of winters. The extra daylight makes the days appear long, and the heat makes them tiring. Make sure to adjust swiftly and form a new cycle where you get ample sleep while also making the most of the early morning hours of Sun. It is advisable to have light dinners for easy digestion and nights of sound sleep.

Reorganize Your Home

Spring is the time for taking out the old and bringing in the new. The body stiffness during winters hinders most of us from involving in the physically demanding tasks at home. It can be a messy closet or a dusty shelf. The vigorous arrival of spring injects a newness into our attitudes, stirring us to do the undone. Revamping things around you is one of the great ways to bring a change – not only in your psyche but visibly around.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Warmer temperatures, for both good and bad, also summons bacterial infections. From kitchen utensils to considerably more soiled floors, your surroundings demand proper cleanliness. Besides, perspiration causes itchiness, compelling you to touch those regions of your body. Ensure keeping good personal hygiene and, particularly, washing your hands every time before you eat something.

Get a Fully Body Health Check-up

After nearly half a year of unorganized calorie-loaded consumption and, for most people, leisurely wintertime, it is advisable to have a full-body check-up with your doctor. Spring embarks when you come face-to-face with yourself, naturally triggering your attention towards being in a healthy shape. A medical check-up ensures you are aware of your health and if you need to be more concerned. Given the time we live in, it is also beneficial for keeping in check of not having any chronic illness. And knowing you are in good health, additionally, is a different morale booster altogether.


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