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Bombshell as GOP Officials Find Special Voting Machines to be Miscalibrated

There were great debates over the special voting machines which US citizens would be able to use to register their votes and already we have seen some shocking results from the Mississippi election. GOP officials were shocked to find videos being uploaded to Facebook detailing how the machines were miscalibrated, and how people couldn’t even vote for who they wanted.

On the video which has almost a million views, a man tries to press the candidate of choice but the machine does nothing, not permitting him to vote for who he wanted.

Bill Waller eventually won the allocations and his campaign announced shortly afterwards that there had been reports of this happening in 7 other counties across the state. This is a damning indictment for the technology of special voting machines and it has added more fuel to the fire of those who say that we shouldn’t be using the technology, despite the amount of money which has been invested into it.


Whilst there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of foul play here, it is certainly a great cause for concern that people simply aren’t allowed to vote for who they want. The reason why there is nothing suspicious about this is that it affected many different choices rather than just one, but it does raise concerns about the overall security of the machines.

The Mueller report which found that Russia had indeed with the 2016 election already has people on high alert and implementing computer systems to vote through is only going to increase that fear and paranoia.


Many people were frustrated at the fact that there was no paper backup option and whilst that would’ve been a smart idea, the paper voting system has also come under fire of late. With this being said even President Trump has backed the idea of going to paper.

“going to good old-fashioned paper, in this modern age, is the best way to do it.”


Regardless of what the plan is moving forward it is essential that there is bipartisan support for election reform and that above all else, people are able to register their vote, be it on paper, a machine or smoke signal.

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