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Crypto Wallet Review Tips

Guys if any of you are looking to jump onto the crypto bandwagon then one thing which you must 100% ensure is that you have your own wallet in which to put them. There are multiple digital wallets online which we are going to take a look at today, and they are essential for the safety of your currency.

Sadly much of the crypto currencies still don’t have the proper regulations which is why there needs to be a great effort on your behalf towards security. If you are able to get a crypto wallet then you will be able to greatly enhance how secure your investment is, and these are the best options.


Coinbase is both a trading platform and a wallet provider and even if you don’t buy crypto through the site, you will still be able to use their wallet services. Coinbase is actually one of the best trading sites on the internet and they have low commission fees, fast transactions and offer the best prices on the market. Their wallet is secure, mobile ready and whilst it is limited in terms of which currencies you can buy, it is the safest of the bunch.


This is a dedicated desktop currency wallet which allows you to store a large number of different crypto currencies. The interface is gorgeous and it is really easy to use this wallet to manage your investments and to see exactly how well they are performing. The downside to this wallet is that there isn’t a two-factor authentication, which is pretty much the industry standard now for security.


Copay have really upped their game of late and they are now able to offer one of the most impressive wallets on the market. The interface looks great, you can store multiple currencies here and you can pen up a number of wallets with them. Much like Exodus the security could be beefed up a little more and if they are able to get this right then they are going to be a contender for one of the best wallets on the market.


This wallet is only for people who are investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum which means anyone looking for Altcoins is going to lose out on the chance to use this wallet in particular. The wallet however is accessible via mobile and desktop and it is incredibly easy to use and easy to set up. There is a solid approach to privacy protection here and the security is really top level. If you are a beginner who is investing in a little bit of Bitcoin then this is the perfect option for you to get started.

Always make sure that you have a keen eye on security when it comes to opening a wallet, if you don’t feel secure, move on to another wallet which does make you feel that your money is safe.


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