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We’re Giving Away Online Games For Free As Well As Exciting Items

Ladies and gentlemen as a special thank you for tuning in with us each day and in conjunction with our partners we are giving away a multitude of online games for free as well as some special items. All you have to do in order to win is to head over to our Facebook page and give us a like, then tag you BFF in the post, and you will be in with the potential to win big with us.

Full disclosure here, in doing something like this we are able to try and grow our readership and spread the word to a wider range of people. There are some advertising methods which we could use to do this, but some come across as very spammy and very invasive, and we’d really prefer not to do that.


Our hopes for this is that each person will share the news about our website to their friends or their family members and that they will then tune in as well to get the latest on what is happening on the hill, in the senate and in the White House.

We work very hard for you guys to make sure that we get the freshest information and that we can give it you nice and hot, and in return it would be amazing if you could get involved with this giveaway.


This website is very much a labor of love and nobody who works here is rich, of thats e can assure you. In order to make a little bit of money we work with local partners and we sell a small amount of advertising, in order to sell more we need to try and drive up the numbers. Increasing our numbers is not just abut trying to get some more income, although that will enable us to do much more with the site, it is also about spreading the word and sharing our reporting with a much larger group of people.


We toyed with simply asking you guys to share the site for us, and we know that there are many of you who are absolutely amazing when it comes to actively sharing our news reports, some of you do it every single day, and thank you so much for that.

What we wanted to do however was to aim to try and offer you something, and that is why we have a collection of xBox and Playstation games which you can download to your device, as well as a collection of items such as sports goods and some clothing. You can find out all of the information on our  Facebook page where we have images of all the gifts available to win.

Thank you so much for your time and for your support, it means the world to us here at American News Central, and long may it continue.


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