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Habits of Healthy Customers

If you would like to save money when you go shopping, make sure that you only buy what you need in order to stop wasting food and buy healthier groceries then this is the piece which you need to pay attention to.


Healthy customers show certain habits which is what helps them to buy the right groceries and ensure that their spending is minimal, your challenge will be to learn what those habits are, and start trying to incorporate them into your shopping experience.

Today we are going to have a look into exactly what those healthy habits are, let’s have a look how you can be a smarter and healthier customer.

Eat First

The golden rule of going to the grocery store is to eat before you go, always eat before you leave the house. The risk you run if you fail to do so is that you will arrive in this palace of food and wonder, and your stomach is going to take over very quickly. This will result in the abundance of convenience food, costing you more money and helping you to pile the pounds on.


Healthy customers have already mapped out what they are going to eat for the next week and they have written down a list of ingredients which they are going  to need in order to cook all of those dishes. Unhealthy customers pile into the super store without a clue as to what they want, and wildly grab whatever takes their fancy. This proves to be more expensive and far less healthy.

Don’t Wander

Grocery stores are designed so that you just have to wander up and down each aisle, always looking for the next thing that has pulled you in, this is not what healthy customer does. The list will of course help you here and getting to know your grocery store is going to also be a smart decision, that way you can go straight for the stuff you need, and ignore the stuff that you don’t.

If you need something and you can’t find it, ask someone so that you don’t run the risk of wandering the whole store, being tempted.

Your Decision

You are the person who will decide whether or not a product is healthy, contrary to what the packaging may suggest. This is an old trick which many grocery stores look to do, they package things in green with plants on them and splash the word healthy across them because they have less trans fat that a McDonalds Happy Meal. If you are looking for health foods then you must ensure that you are reading through the nutrition labels.

Using a ten second rule may also be good for you here and will certainly help you to limit your spending. When you pick up an item which isn’t on your list, hold it in your hands for 10 seconds and then see if you still feel the same, you’ll be amazed at how many products go back on that shelf!

Healthy habits for healthy customers.



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