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Is Personal Grooming an Issue at Work?

Given how important your job is to you, why would you jeopardize it by doing some not so smart things?

That said are you doing things that could leave you on the outside looking in when it comes to working?

Most notably, are your grooming habits a recipe for disaster?

Your Appearance on the Job Often Matters

In doing more to make sure your personal grooming is not setting you back at work, think about the following:

  1. How you dress – The choices in clothing you make for your job can make or break how long you are with a company. If clothing choices are not a big deal at work, then you are more than likely okay dressing down. If it is expected of you to dress nice, make sure you do. This is especially important if you will have regular interaction with clients. You do not want to give clients the wrong impression by not taking your wardrobe in a serious manner.
  2. Guys with facial hair – If you are a guy sporting facial hair, make sure you keep it looking nice. Having it look out of control can be a problem for you on the job if not careful. In the event you need a better razor and accessories, you can go online and search for such things. Whether you opt for shave club for men or another top brand, the key is finding the right product. When you are able to properly groom your facial hair, you have one less thing to worry about at work.
  3. Keep those teeth looking good – Too many people fail to take care of their teeth. In doing so, it does two things. One, it can make for an unhealthy and expensive life. Having to make continual trips to the dentist can wear on your mouth over time. Cavities, gum disease and more can also wear on your health in general. Having bad teeth also means you are less likely to smile on the job. This may make it look like you are not a friendly person even when this is not the case. Do your best to take care of those teeth and they will take care of you for decades to come.
  4. Your skin matters too – Something as simple as taking care of your skin can matter in the workplace too. If you are dealing with itchy and dry skin, you can get preoccupied while on the job. All that scratching does is leaves you less time to focus on the job at hand. By using the right lotion or lotions, there is less chance you will be always focusing on your skin.

Depending on your place of employment, personal grooming may be a big deal or a smaller deal.

That said taking care of your grooming needs is a smart thing to do no matter what your employer expects of you.

With that in mind, is it time you paid more attention to grooming, especially when it is time to head off to work?

If so, now would be a good time to review where you need to make some improvements.


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