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For The Many People That Missed It Heres The Oscars Moment Which Proves Hollywood is Full of Hypocrites

I enjoy movies as much as much as the next guy but one thing which I have rarely been able to stomach is the stench of hypocrisy which Hollywood reeks of, and the Oscars is where it is all laid bare for everyone to see.

To some this is the glitziest night of the year, the night when the best in the business take home awards for their hard work, to the rest of us however it is the night when we see a collection of entitled individuals who have lost their moral compasses and who virtual signal, gaslight and preach to the commoners about what they are doing wrong.


This year for me was the worst, and I have to be honest I was really only flicking onto the show every now and again. The reason why this year is the worst is because we are in the middle of the #MeToo, #Timesup, and #MarchForOurLives movements. Now I have no issues with people rising up to tell sexual predators with power that they will no longer get away with their disgusting, illegal and vile behaviors and that they will get served by justice. What I do have an issue with however are people jumping on the bandwagon to further their own careers, or people attacking any male with money who once made an overly flirtatious remark.


I have thought that Kimmel was out of his depth as a human the first time that I saw him and each time since it baffles me as to how this dumb-jock-frat-dick ever got to be on television at all, I mean if he was a prankster or a Logan Paul then maybe I’d have understood, but a credible interviewer? Give me a break. Kimmel, to give him a pass, clearly didn’t write the ridiculously PC and frankly crap-talking diatribe which he called an opening speech, and bundled and fumbled through it with the energy of a sloth. Kimmel didn’t know what he was talking about, bringing up random hashtags and trying to cram in as many woke topics as possible to avoid a backlash.

I think writer Ed McCray summed this up best when he said:

“Like everything else that social justice warriors have touched, so too has the film industry become contaminated with the stain of their unhinged ideology. The films that Hollywood produced once reflected American culture and values, now it lectures Americans on what Hollywood believes our culture and values need to be,”

This is the core point here, there was once a time when we went to the movies to watch adaptations of life, now we are not only told what to do by the movies but the actors themselves genuinely believe that their ability to act well and make money gives them the right to try and attack the rest of us. It most certainly does not.

The worst moment? Basketball legend Kobe Bryant being cheered to the rafters by every single #MeToo activist out there, that’s right, the man who settled a rape case out of court. Now I have no clue whether he was innocent or guilty, but neither did they, and many more guilty men also settled out of court, just a shame they haven’t got that clutch jumper isn’t it?


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