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The Insider Key on Free Spins Revealed

As you guys will know I do enjoy a little bit of gambling here and there and I have managed to navigate my way across multiple casinos looking to get the best bonuses and offers which I can. I know that some of you wish to know more about casino bonuses but I want to talk about something slightly different today, and that is free spins, a dangerous and unhelpful offer which everyone needs to know about.

Now what normally happens is a casino will offer a deposit bonus or something like that and then they will package it up with 20 free spins, which are basically worthless. If you get offered free spins, my advice would be to leave it alone, and here is why.


Simply put, free spins are worthless and not because you cannot win, this is something I do have to point out, the machines, or the software in this case, are not rigged against you. The challenge here is that you are never going to win any money, unless you have days of your life to spare and the luck of the most Irish of Irishmen. The reason for this is a little small print secret that the casinos like to call ‘rollover’ or as I like to call it… article F you. The rollover is normally around the 300 mark and that means that you must rollover any winnings, i.e. gamble your winnings 300 times. Now let’s say that you get lucky on spin 1 and you win $100, fantastic… or so you may think, the truth however is that you now need to roll that over 300 times, and gambling $30,000 is not very easy.


Although I did say that the software is not rigged against you, something worse takes place here, they are rigged in your favor. The casinos want you to win money on your free spins, they want you to do this for two reasons, the first is that they know that you’ll never meet the rollover requirement so any ‘wins’ mean nothing. The second reason is more important however and that is as you win, you will believe that it will be this easy when you load your own cash in there. People play the free spins, win cash, which they never get, and then start piling money into their account, only to lose it al when the software detects that you are playing with real cash.

There are many dangers with online slots which you must be aware of, it isn’t like playing poker where you are up against others, here you are at the whim of the online casino, and they decide when you win and when you don’t. These slots are dressed up like cool and trendy games but the reality is that there is no game here, there is just a machine which is ready to take as much money as you wish to throw at it.

Always remember that nothing comes for free, especially when it’s an online casino.


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